About us

Norda Production & trade of ski sidewall and edge processing tools!  

We produce and distribute several tools for manual grinding and tools for a professional ski tuning for the Alpine ski racer and also for the animated hobby racers. One of our own products, we also act Sportswear by the company SHRED, ENERGIAPURA from Italy and Tuning Tools by Swix, Toko, KUU for the service of fast and neat skis. The company MBAS ensures sharp edges with Ceramic Disc Finish sander. We are always on the cutting edge of technology in the future, we maintain close contact with the users of our products as well as the ski racers, specialty shops and service people in the National and the International ski racing.

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norwey   Pool service in the Ladies' World Cup Norway



Ski Racing Service at Norda Ski Tuning

      Professional service for new SL race ski / RTL / SG / AF

     Sidewall Tuning incl. Polyfinish with radius or bevel to the edge
     Side edge angle tuning incl. Polyfinish 2 °, 3 °, 5 °
     Covering sided edge tuning Polyfinish incl. 0 - 1.5 °
     Wax tuning for racing ski construction with infared

Information for racing service: +43 6604316046