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  • Norda - Skiservice „do it yourself“

Norda Ski Mounting bracket with fixing eye HS-Code:76169990

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Stainless steel clamping angle with VERIFIX suction unit

  • for clamping the skis during sidewall milling work
  • Please note that 2 pieces are required to clamp the skis !!!

Bracket for clamping ski holders made of stainless steel
VERIFIX suction unit Ø suction disc: 55 mm
Universal suction cup for quick attachment, suitable for all materials with flat and gas-tight surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, coated wood, marble, etc.
The vacuum is generated by turning the rocker arms. With the rubber disc relaxed, the suction cup must be pressed firmly onto the surface to be sucked up. When turning the rocker arm, the resistance of the vacuum generation must be clearly noticeable.